Provider Metadata of IRIS IAM

ACR Values Supported
Authorization Endpoint
Claim Types Supported
Claims Locales Supported
Claims Parameter Supported
Claims Supported
Code Challenge Methods Supported
Device Authorization Endpoint
Display Values Supported
Grant Types
ID Token Encryption Alg Values Supported
ID Token Encryption Enc Values Supported
ID Token Signing Alg Values Supported
Introspection Endpoint
Privacy Policy URI
Registration Endpoint
Request Object Encryption Alg Values Supported
Request Object Encryption Enc Values Supported
Request Object Signing Alg Values Supported
Request Parameter Supported
Request URI Parameter Supported
Require Request URI Registration
Response Modes Supported
Response Types Supported
Revocation Endpoint
Scopes Supported
Service Documentation
Subject Types Supported
Terms of Service URI
Token Endpoint
Token Endpoint Auth Methods Supported
Token Endpoint Auth Signing Alg Values Supported
UI Locales Supported
Userinfo Encryption Alg Values Supported
Userinfo Encryption Enc Values Supported
Userinfo Endpoint
Userinfo Signing Alg Values Supported

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